How to organize your kitchen – Clutterfree Homes
How to organize your kitchen

How to organize your kitchen – Clutterfree Homes

Decluttering is the first step to organizing any space at home. Kitchens are one of those main spaces that tend to accumulate all sorts of clutter than other rooms in your 3 bhk apartment. The mess in our kitchens include everything from useless gadgets which were purchased from TV infomercials to expired food items in the pantry and even a stack of old newspapers and magazines. We have a checklist made for you to help you declutter and easily maintain a well-organized kitchen.

Here’s how to organize your kitchen :

  1. Create different work zones in your kitchen. It’s helpful to create work zones in your kitchen.Like a separate food storage area, dishware storage, clean-up (sink and dishwasher), prep (chopping and dry prep), and cooking zone. Store items according to their designated zone. You might want to add a baking zone or other specialty zones so everything is organized and kept in the proper places.
  2. Empty the cabinets. The best way to organize your kitchen cabinets is by emptying everything out and going through it. Discard the things that are not in use, throw away broken items sitting in the cabinets, the main idea is to have only the things that come to use.
  3. Group items together. Once your cabinets are all empty, consider what is best for you in terms of how to group items. Sort all your baking items and pile them together. Sort your cooking items and pile them together. Group the dishes you eat from, glassware, regular plates and glasses, as well as those special serving pieces that are only used occasionally.
  4. Label clear containers. Use clear containers to store food items in your kitchen cabinets and label each food item. This will make it easier to utilize everything before the expiry date and nothing gets wasted. Labelling food containers also gives a nice visual touch to your pantry. Discard containers with missing lids, this will help with unnecessary food spilling.
  5. Clean out the refrigerator. Make time to clean out your refrigerator each week too. See what food needs to be discarded and immediately throw it out, and take the trash out right then. Your refrigerator will house only current items and will be less cluttered that way,and it only takes a few minutes to organize items that are required to stay.

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