How the right furnishing can make or break your apartment


“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you are” – Nate Berkus.   Here is a list of some quick do’s and don’ts for you,so you know exactly what is required and what is not, to help you make your own story.

1. Avoid complete white Décor.

If you have kids or pets at home, then it is best to avoid the whitest white rugs or upholstery. We agree, all white looks divine, but it’s just not the right choice while having growing children at home. So at the moment, look for a combination of some darker shade with a tiny bit of your whites or add wallpapers that suit your style and personality.

2.  Get inspired.

Travel as much as you can and bring home the inspiration wherever you go! You might end up finding the right colour for your walls or carpets or flooring inspired from some museum, beach or mountains you visited.

3. Paint test.

Before you finalize a colour for some rooms or walls in your apartment, get a patch test done to know if the colour you chose suits your furniture or ties up with the look and feel of the complete room. Then you can decide how light or dark the colour needs to be.

4 Don’t make it too loud.

Create a space that is functional and start with placing classic furniture, then slowly add in the funky pieces to relax, loosen up a bit. Don’t make your living space or a room too bright or loud. Balance is the key.

5 Don’t go overboard.

Just because you have access to doing something and it is available does not mean you should clutter your apartment with all the possibilities that are going on in your mind. Like we said, balance is the key – minimal is classy, appealing and functional.

There are no rules while decorating your apartment, just a few simple dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Whether you wish to revamp the whole look and feel of your existing furnishing or start decorating piece by piece from scratch – the above tips can help you in going a long way in home décor.

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