Here’s your official moving in checklist
Moving in checklist

Here’s your official moving in checklist

You have signed all the papers, got your hands on the keys to your new apartment, and you’re ready to move.Now, all you have to do is shift. If only it was THAT SIMPLE. Moving in can be mighty stressful if you can’t get your head around how to go about it. You have got all this stuff that is going to make this new space your cozy little nest.But how in the world do you plan, coordinate, pack those boxes,and organize your new home? Chances are,some things are going to get missed or messed.But you don’t want that. This is where we come in with the ultimate checklist that will have you transition into your new home, without the stress. It is best to start off with dealing with the task at hand at least two months before. So let’s get down to business.

1. Zero in on the moving date and get a moving company on board.

Check their references and their license to avoid any moving day broken or stolen nightmares.

2. Assess the furniture situation.

Take some time out to plan this ahead and freeze it on the blueprint of your new house. Settle on the look and designate spots for all your furniture and things. Once you move in you can delve into the heavy lifting.

 3. Pack and purge.

 Weigh in on what your new home has space for and what it doesn’t. Toss everything else. Sort everything that didn’t go into the discard/donate/sell pile. Pack them into boxes, take inventory, and here is the most important part – LABEL everything. Mention what it contains and the room it is meant for.

4. Spread the word.

Let friends and family know you’re moving and update your address on your subscriptions, bills, banks, licenses, insurance providers, payroll, etc. Cancel or transfer your utilities.

5. Get ready.

Everything essential that didn’t find their way into boxes earlier, such as your kitchen stuff and your precious belongings – now is the time to put them in boxes. Go easy on the grocery purchases. Reconfirm with your packers and movers. Talk to your new landlord/property owner about anything you need to look into prior to moving in.

6. Check up on the utilities and make your new house sparkle.

There is nothing more nerve wracking than having to unpack and spend your first night in a dirty house with no electricity, water, or gas. Get your utilities set up before you move in. Sign up for the services you want, such as an internet connection. Enlist someone to take up thecleaning job.

7. Use strategy when you unpack.

You have finally moved in and it’s time to unpack. Put the boxes in the rooms they are destined for from the get-go and unpack the essentials basis the room first. Think: kitchen and the bedrooms. Other things like the souvenirs canwait in their boxes and be tackled in the end.

8.Get acquainted withyour new neighborhood.

Ride around the areaand make a mind map of where everything is located – the pharmacies, supermarkets, hospitals, coffee shops, etc. It will help you ease into your new co-ordinates.

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