“Location, location, location” – every realtor will tell you it is the most important factor when it comes to buying any property – whether its apartments or villas. Nail that and your investment is most likely to be  safe. However, if only it were that simple. Properties can appreciate in value and depreciate equally fast. It’s hard to know what can cause this because there are so many factors at play such as migration patterns, and competition. Among the safest factors when it comes to gauging the worth of a house from an investment perspective however, comes down to the recent and upcoming developments taking place in the surrounds. It can play a big role in helping decide if the investment is going to be sustainable and reap good returns or not.

Among the most recent developments in Hyderabad in terms of infrastructure involves the Shenzhen-based Skyworth, a Chinese electronics manufacturer which announced over Rs 700 crore investment at E-City in Hyderabad and is expected to grow well over to hit Rs. 2000 crore in the future. It acquired a 40-acre parcel land at E City, Maheshwaram to set up a design, research and development (R&D) base and manufacture consumer electronic products.Aimed at bringing futuristic products to the Indian audience, it is also expected to have substantial knock-on impact on the surrounding real estate.

Value drivers are on the up in terms of employment generation – the project is expected to generate 5,000 direct and indirect jobs; logistic convenience; increase in trade and business, etc.It is catalyzing the economy in the area and creating a dynamic city hub that is likely to accelerate infrastructural developments both in the civic and social space. The area has already witnessed a lot of interest and investment by world-renowned companies such as HCL and Wipro. The electronic cluster at Maheshwaram is already being promoted by the government of Telangana. Efficient connectivity, policy initiatives, and upcoming infrastructure around the ORR are breathing new life in the real estate here. The area has also witnessed consistent price growth over almost two years.As a result of this, the property appreciation dynamics are in favor of real estate in the area.

All these factors have made projects such as Ramky Discovery City an unparalleled investment opportunity for the discerning investor.The project is RERA approved so there are no worries about safety. Get the best returns on your investment at The Huddle and the Greenview Apartments within this 600* acre integrated city. The Huddle is the first cluster villa in the city replete with the finest amenities and lush greenery. Located on the Srisailam Highway, ORR-Exit 14, it is close to E-City, Hyderabad International Airport, Adibatla IT Hub & Aerospace Park and is well connected to the city. With contemporary style villas and amenities such as multi-level security, hydro-pneumatic water supply, gym, basketball court, multipurpose hall, it is the essence of comfort, convenience, and leisure.  Greenview Apartments, also located within Ramky Discovery City, offer 2 bhk and 3 bhk apartments with a host of residential, commercial, educational, and entertainment options.Steam room, gyms, multipurpose hall, departmental store, rainwater harvesting, children’s play area,tennis court, you name it and it’s here.No wonder Ramky Discovery City is titled #MyCityofHappiness.

There is no shortage of urban cities to choose from when you decide to invest in living in India. But a lot of factors come into play when you are looking for an urban living experience. Everyone knows the secret to a happy life is one that supports how we want to live. A city’s makeup and flexibility is incredibly important across a micro and a macro level. City living has however been associated with poor mental health, created by an urban environment marked by transient populations, broken communities, segregation, and congestion.

Designing a city that is harmonious, comfortable, and sustainable, all at once is necessary to keep its citizens healthy and happy. Such cities vastly improve the quality of life and reduce stress associated with modern environments on so many levels. A city that shines when it comes to aspects is Hyderbad. While the city had humble beginnings, it has adapted and responded intuitively to the needs of its inhabitants over the years and is truly flourishing. It has been making headlines for its pace and extent of development and the use of a connected approach to tackle all the problems associated with living in cities.The Mercer Quality of Living ratings 2019 has there by put Hyderabad in the top spot among other cities in India.Some of the biggest developments that have led to an increasing number of people, both Indian and International, flocking to the city and considering 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats in Hyderabad are:

  1. The city has a master plan which involves enhancing navigation through the city by improving traffic management and transportation systems via the development of flyovers (the Outer Ring Road Project) and metro and easing everything related to commute to provide unmatched mobility to its residents.Signal-free roads to the airport allow for seamless connectivity to international destinations. Some of the most recent initiatives that fall in line with these plans include:
  2. The government has planned on introducing a common mobility card for the commuters who use the RTC buses, metro train, and other transport systems such as Ola and Uber in Hyderabad city which will allow them to swipe a card and make payments digitally instead of making them in cash.
  3. Responding to the traffic problems that are cropping up in the city, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation planned on building a 3-km long flyover that extends from Gachibowli road/Botanical Garden/Hitech city road and solves traffic congestion at Botanical Garden, Kothaguda and Kondapur junction areas of the city, while also mitigating traffic from the dense corridor in the western part of the city. Not only does it reduce travel time, it also increases productivity and improves lives in the city as a whole, because less time commuting means more time at work or with family It is also looking at better sewerage for a clean and healthy environment; improving the green cover;and incorporating other civic amenities such as streetlights and pavements to make the city a lot safer
  4. In early 2019, the government had initiated a plan to zone of areas for development of specific facilities – such as a health city, one for education, another for sports, the third for cinema, and so on and so forth. These arrangements are expected to create sustainable spaces that are demarcated well and ease how businesses operate
  5. The government also added seven new Municipal Corporations along with the six that are existent. This is allowing for orderly development of urban areas and improving the overall quality of life by eliminating current inequalities and inequities in terms of accessibility to city services

Therefore, it is only logical that you find a home that is an extension to Hyderabad’sidea of purpose-built infrastructure.Enjoying a strategic location, Ramky One Galaxia, Nallgandla is the perfect amalgamation of infrastructure, a pedestrian-friendly community, and greenery and is integrated in Hyderabad’s Financial District. It offers premium 2 & 3 BHK apartments, a short drive away from everything from schools to malls to hospitals. Another one of Ramky Estatesprojects, The Huddle is a unique, planned cluster housing concept that is based on emulating the spirit of the neighborhoods of the past and creating a space for cozy interactions and a sense of belonging, complementing all the urban needs the city fulfils. These villas in Hyderabad are located close to a reserve forest and have open parks creating an environment where residents can breathe easy and enjoy amenities such as 24X7 multi-level security system, hydro-pneumatic water supply, and power backup for each unit. It is located on Srisailam Highway, in Ramky Discovery City, close to the Hyderabad International Airport, E-city, Adibatla IT Hub and Aerospace Park and is well connected to all parts of the City.

Owning a home is a dream for far too many of us. But it’s fair to say that buying a home isn’t all that easy and often seems unattainable, especially when it’s our first. It takes quite some savings and is fraught with stress and a lot of complex decision making. But there is one respite that largely takes the brakes off buying a home: a home loan. It entails pre-planning and vettingand can get complicated at best as processing has become stricter, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Read on for a low-down on how to set yourself up for success while taking out a home loan:

Determine your eligibility and compare your options

All home loans are not created equal. They can have different interest rates, fees, points, and other conditions that can rack up how much it will end up costing you. Figuring out your eligibility, which largely hinges on the capacity of repayment and age before you approach the bank increases the possibility of getting approved.

Bring a co-applicant on board

It is good to have a co-applicant. In the cases it is not, getting a spouse or an immediate member of your family who has a sizeable income to be the co-applicant can multiply your chances of getting the home loan approved, even in cases where your sole income does not make you eligible to borrow.

Keep your credit score in check

A significant boost for your home loan entitlement can come from ensuring you have a good credit. A clean financial record with your credit card debt and other loans paid off will not only impact your eligibility but also help you get your hands on the best deal whether you are looking at 2-,3,-or 4 bhk villas or apartments. Too many credit enquiries or multiple home loan applications can initiate a hard pull on your credit score, so it is necessary to slow down any form of borrowing beforehand.

Deal with a licensed, branded, and reputable builder

Loan sanctions come through much more smoothly when a reputed builder is on board. Not only does it ensure you have a “happily ever after” with safe construction or quality apartments in Hyderabad, timely handover, and delivery of promised amenities, it also amps up your chances of getting a better loan amount. Given that banks tend to associate a certain level of trust when it comes to reputed builders and even their buyers, it helps that they are known for constructing enduring homes. Going through and including a list of the builder’s past and current projects can aid in getting your loan through.

Put paperwork in place

This one is obvious, but it goes a long way in reducing any hurdles that might come your way. A loan application comes with a laundry list of documents that need to be attached. It includes everything from legal documents with regards to the purchase, to residence and identity proofs, bank statements, salary slips, Form 16 / income tax returns, and processing fee cheque amongst others. Certain lenders also expect collateral security such as pledge of shares, life insurance policies, mutual fund units, etc. so furnishing the right details on them is important. It is essential that the communication is prompt with the lender, particularly when it comes to submission of paperwork or responding to any lender queries whatsoever to avoid greater scrutiny or delay in loan disbursal. Being thorough with the application can also reveal hidden clauses that might cause problems later.

Once you have all your ducks in a row, you are sure to close your loan application process with success. If you are on a lookout for apartments for sale and have a home loan in mind, consider a RERA approved project such as Ramky Estates’ Greenview Apartments in Ramky Discovery City. Spread over 3.81 acres, just minutes away from a green reserve forest and the Hyderabad International airport, these world-class, contemporary 2 and 3 bhk apartments are well equipped with a host of residential, commercial, educational and entertainment options such as a swimming pool, Gymnasium, multipurpose hall with provisions for Yoga, Aerobics, meditation hall, sauna, steam room with indoor and outdoor facilities. This project that is a part of Ramky Estates & Farms Ltd. and is located just minutes from the Outer Ring Road Exit No.14 and has a name in the world of real estate in India.

Opportune times have rolled around in one of the most bustling cities in the country. New constructions, both residential and commercial,are inundating the real estate space. The trajectory of the market is soaring, even as the economy is languishing.This is largely because of good performance on a host of key metrics, a friendly business climate, a conducive infrastructure environment, and a progressive and proactive government.

Hotspot for global investments

The state government has embarked on an infrastructure-boosting mission between the proposed Regional Ring Road, creating a hub where significant businesses from cities such as Bengaluru are expected to shift. In addition, political stability that culminated from the bifurcation of the Telangana state, has aided in accelerating government clearances, leading to exponential growth in demand and absorption of real estate by companies in sectors such as the BFSI. Around 98% of the population is said to be satisfied with the political stability in the region, according to KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler)*.The retail scene is abuzz with activity owing to continuous diversification, attracting the likes of giants like Ikea which are setting up shop in the city.From the center all the way to the outskirts, the influx of manufacturing and ITamong other sectors has led to the emergence of new centers of commerce.All these factors have contributed to Hyderabad becoming the new hotspot for global investments as acknowledged by the World Economic Forum which has pegged Hyderabad to be among the 10 fastest growing Indian cities globally in the period 2019-2035*.

An enviable quality of life

The ongoing metro rail project is infusing new life into urban mobility thanks to an expanding network. Further, with tons of green cover and a city action plan that is meant to keep air pollution in check by including measures such as development of by-passes/expressways to evade congestion, installation of remote sensor based PUC systems, and targeted action against polluting industrial units, it is among the few prime cities that keep the lungs suitably refreshed. Further, the city ranks among the safest in India and also in Southern Asia owing to a relatively more consistent ranking on crime levels. Pleasant weather in the city has also given it an upper edge, creating a comfortable cocoon for locals and expats alike.

The bright spot in real estate

No longer is real estate in over-priced territory. Affordability has become the new buzzword in the market and competitive property prices indicate that the power of balance has shifted to buyers. All this means your money goes much further. Also, a Liaises For as report suggests that property sales have gone up by 33% y-o-y with sales value trailing a 62% growth rate owing to an increase in premium property demand since 2014. In the first six months of 2019, there has already been a 9% growth in property prices when compared to last year indicating that real estate has indeed become an attractive investment*. There has thus been a tidal wave of buyers that has resulted inlow levels of unsold inventory, demonstrating the broader growth trends in the sector. The current crop of residential projects is expanding, balancing out the demand with supply.

Sprawling safe bets

With existing areas such as Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Hitech City, and Ameerpet amongst others riddled with a lack of land, the livable boundaries of the city are being pushed to uncover more green and serene territories which are enriched with the latest amenities. Where all the activity was once concentrated in areas such as Hitec city, other strategically located areas such as Nallagandla have come on the radar. There a flurry of construction activity and a record of strong sales with a lot of focus on North and West Hyderabad respectively. The latter which is popular due to its proximity to the IT Hub and financial district and good connectivity has witnessed property appreciation rates go up notably over the last couple of years.

There is arguably no better place than Hyderabad when it comes to the perfect live, play, and work environment. It is also one place where you can invest and still sleep easy. If you are on a house hunting spree, head to Ramky One Galaxia in Nallagandla, Gachibowli. While Phase 1 offers premium 1860 sq. ft 3 BHK apartments that have smart home features, priced upwards of Rs. 1.11 crores, Phase 2 offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK properties that are priced from Rs. 74 lakhs onwards with an area of 1265 sq. ft – 1665 sq. ft. They are close to several MNC companies and are nestled amidst lush green gardens offering both comfort and convenience. For those who are looking to settle in a low-density gated community in a well-connected neighborhood, Ramky One Marvel, located in Gajularamaram, Kukatpally has 1620sq. ft 3 BHK corner apartment options in its premium G Block.

With an increasing number of real estate players entering the development space in the market, Hyderabad has considerably become one of the most reliable cities today – not only for investment, but also for residence. The city has commendably emerged as one of the best in representing residential destinations in the country – kudos to the well planned economic drivers, excellent infrastructure, and improved business opportunities across the city.

Shamshabad counts as one of the top localities for residential living and investment today which is a hit among buyers and developers – thanks to the developing apartments in shamshabad. This area also has been seeing a steady growth in the residential rates over a few years now.

Neighbouring a lush large reserve forest on one side and a 15 acre leafy paradise on the other, is a well-set gated community of contemporary-styled apartments to offer you a life of luxury, leisure rejuvenation, relaxation, and more. It is now time to rediscover the urban living at Ramky Discovery City’s exquisite and contemporary 2&3 BHK Greenview Apartments– equipped with a host of residential, commercial, educational and entertainment amenities and facilities situated near Hyderabad international airport, ORR exit no.14.

The contemporary 2&3BHK apartments are located in alarge integrated township on a huge leaf-carpeted path home near a large reserve forest, with all the sustainable measures required for a harmonious living and a quality of life that lasts a lifetime – for you and your family.

Ramky Discovery City’s Greenview Apartments promise you a life filled with comforting sustainable features, minutes away from the buzzing city life- still close to schools, health centers, entertainment centers and the IT corridor of Gachibowli, to revive you with their finest recreational facilities and unlimited amenities in an undisturbed, peaceful setting amidst greenery and fresh air.

Enjoy from a host of exclusive amenities with your loved ones

  • Tennis court
  • Children’s play area
  • Club house
  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Guest rooms
  • Yoga, aerobics & meditation hall
  • Indoor games
  • Departmental store

One of the prime project specifications of the Greenview Apartment includes the top-notch security for its residents. The apartment’s boundary wall is tight knit with a solar fencing and is also installed with surveillance cameras at the main entry and exit points, along with security guards – with a telephone and intercom point in each flat.

For a contemporary styled living,with leading class infrastructure around a green haven, worth ultimate value and amenities beyond comfort and convenience – come visit the Green View Apartments within Ramky Discovery City, near Hyderabad International Airport.

Decluttering is the first step to organizing any space at home. Kitchens are one of those main spaces that tend to accumulate all sorts of clutter than other rooms in your 3 bhk apartment. The mess in our kitchens include everything from useless gadgets which were purchased from TV infomercials to expired food items in the pantry and even a stack of old newspapers and magazines. We have a checklist made for you to help you declutter and easily maintain a well-organized kitchen.

Here’s how to organize your kitchen :

  1. Create different work zones in your kitchen. It’s helpful to create work zones in your kitchen.Like a separate food storage area, dishware storage, clean-up (sink and dishwasher), prep (chopping and dry prep), and cooking zone. Store items according to their designated zone. You might want to add a baking zone or other specialty zones so everything is organized and kept in the proper places.
  2. Empty the cabinets. The best way to organize your kitchen cabinets is by emptying everything out and going through it. Discard the things that are not in use, throw away broken items sitting in the cabinets, the main idea is to have only the things that come to use.
  3. Group items together. Once your cabinets are all empty, consider what is best for you in terms of how to group items. Sort all your baking items and pile them together. Sort your cooking items and pile them together. Group the dishes you eat from, glassware, regular plates and glasses, as well as those special serving pieces that are only used occasionally.
  4. Label clear containers. Use clear containers to store food items in your kitchen cabinets and label each food item. This will make it easier to utilize everything before the expiry date and nothing gets wasted. Labelling food containers also gives a nice visual touch to your pantry. Discard containers with missing lids, this will help with unnecessary food spilling.
  5. Clean out the refrigerator. Make time to clean out your refrigerator each week too. See what food needs to be discarded and immediately throw it out, and take the trash out right then. Your refrigerator will house only current items and will be less cluttered that way,and it only takes a few minutes to organize items that are required to stay.

Investing a little time and energy into decluttering and organizing your kitchen is an investment that will pay off in happiness for years to come.Maintaining a beautiful 3 bhk in hyderabad is easy and if you are looking for a plush 3 bhk apartment in Gachibowli then Ramky Estates & Farms Limited brings to you, RamkyOne Galaxia – Phase 1, luxury3 BHK apartments that make your ultimate dream home.

A promising destination of great residency with utmost comfort, convenience and fun amenitieslocated in Hyderabad’s neighbouring financial district, Nallagandla, Gachibowli.

Call 84949 98111 for more details or visit https://ramkyestates.com/

In a gated community, you not only buy a property but you buy a lifestyle and live it. And, what drives people into opting for a gated community is the elegance in construction, comfort and convenience of independent home and privacy, prominent locations within easy reach and distance,essential amenities and recreational facilities, etc. has attracted home buyers to opt for gated community living, which is now seen as the most preferred option of investment and symbol of privilege.

If you are planning to update your living, purchasing a property that gives you so many facilities and different enhancements in a focal area, is considered a smart thought.

Why Gated Community

A gated community is an elite residential community or housing property for the luxury lifestyle, with royal amenities and superb project specifications, set apart by the boundaries and gates that control access to the area. Gated community offers so many great advantages!

Sense of community

When you think about some of the advantages of a gated community – you tend to come across the same people day in and day out; hence, it gets easy to develop a level of communication with them. This is particularly true when you move into a gated community dedicated for particular strata of the society,whether it is for young couples, new parents or a big family. Once you move in, you might meet a couple with a child the same age as yours, or another resident who you can share cooking tips with, or someone who likes vintage cars as much as you do. When you find a common ground with your neighbour, it’s more likely that you develop a certain relationship with them.

It is also common that a gated community has particular occasions that organize events for all the residents. Attending and participating in these events increases your opportunity to interact with and form bonds with other people in the same neighbourhood. When these connections happen, they are not just to increase your number of social media friends, but to take comfort in the fact that you have each other’s backs in case of an emergency.

You are more likely to experience the following perks from living behind the gates of a private subdivision –

Peaceful & Safe Environment

With noise and chaos filling modern lifestyle, people long for calmness after coming home from a long day at work. This is available in gated communities as most of the homes are located in a peaceful serene environment away from main roads or crowd filled streets. Most of the gated community villas in Hyderabad are designed with a lot of open space filled with lush greenery or parks and tight security watching over you.

Comfort and Luxury

Gated communities offer a wide range of amenities like the gymnasium, open park, swimming pool, yoga, basketball court, indoor games, etc.With the busy modern day life, one can avail all these facilities within a designated gated community with luxury villas.

Sense of security

The plus point about living in a gated community is that, there is a sense of security with highly secured infrastructure like CCTV monitoring, IP-based entry & exit and other amenities.

Better Utilities & Easy Maintenance

With gated communities come back up power, treated water facilities, solar-powered heating systems, and many other essential amenities which are very important to live life comfortably. There is also concierge personnel hired to maintain these facilities which is a big relief for the home buyers.

If you are looking for plush luxury villas in Hyderabad with a warm neighbourhood,  Ramky Estates & Farms Limited welcome you to Hyderabad’s first cluster villa, registered with TS RERA, approved by HMDA. The Huddle, close-knit 3 & 4 BHK villa’s within Ramky Discovery City which offers unlimited amenities and ‘indoor & outdoor’ facilities for your entertainment and convenience. TheHuddle  is situated near Hyderabad international airport, Adibatla.

Pay just 10% and avail 90% home loan from bank. Offer valid until 31stAugust! Limited Period Offer.

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The city of Bangalore, the full-fledged silicon city of Indiais known for its verdure charm, comfort of living and luxurious modern lifestyle. People here are on the lookout for comfort and convenience accompanied luxury in every aspect of life – and Bangalore has just become a residence of luxurious living other than it being vacation destination for many.

Bangalore is the IT centre of India, and its infrastructure, the wide roads for easy transportation, the metro for a quick commute, good hospitals, schools, many retail outlets, banks, restaurants, etc. fall under a few kilometres of great residential areas that make a great place for investment even for future returns on the investment done.

You get so many options for choosing a residential shelter for you in Bangalore.  If open spaces or designer landscapes inspire you, then this city has some excellent world of villas and2&3 BHK apartments boasting with world-class amenities and lush landscapes, ready to be made your dream home.

Here are the top 4 reasons why Bangalore is the perfect city to live in

1.Affordable & Manageable Cost of Living

One of the busiest metropolitan cities that stand an invincible status because of lifestyle in Bangalore and infrastructural makeovers has many expat activities happening every day. The residential homes are relatively affordable and cater the needs of varied budgets. There are flats for sale in Yelahanka, 2&3 BHK apartments in Bangalore, that are luxurious yet quite affordable.

2. The Climate

Everyone who visits Bangalore or residing here, absolutely fall in love with its climate. Usually bright and sunny in the mornings and pleasant, cooler by the nights – and never for once will you experience humidity.

3. Powerful Economy

Bangalore is one of the top cities in India that witnesses a high migration rate with expats coming in from not just different cities in India but from across different countries. The economy here is flourishing; thanks to the contribution of the central government’s heavy investment in the private sector for spurring growth in manufacturing and IT industries.

4. Brilliant Dining & Lounges

You will definitely get attracted to the lifestyle here, for Bangalore has a list of things to keep you satiated. You have everything closely situated here to spend a great afternoon or evening, or party all night after a great dinner in a plush hotel. From cafes to brunches, dining experiences to pubs and clubs – Bangalore has attracted the best in crowd keeping in mind the likes.

Bangalore is a hot property for investments and residence, for those looking for better conveyance to workplaces, schools, etc. and the best in educational facilities and physical infrastructure around their residence; there are so many affordable housing projects and ready to move apartments in Bengaluru.

If you are looking for apartments with beautiful sunlight and green lush surroundings, with great amenities and facilities, then Ramky One North’s ready to move in 2 &3 BHK apartments in Bangalore is a home that fits your lifestyle. Meet the needs of your family in a safe and secure environment, accessible to all conveniences.

Hyderabad is best known as the city of Nizams, the city of pearls! The city is known for its mesmerizing charm, the world famous, lip-smacking Hyderabadi Biryani, beautiful heritage, the people and more.Hyderabad is also ranked as the top most residential city across the world, according to the Mercer’s latest annual report, and it’s recorded to be one of the safest cities to live in!

Get to know why Hyderabad is the best city to live in and what makes it so special!

  1. Known for its heritage, famous monuments like Charminar, Chowmahalla Palace, The Falaknuma Palace, QutubShahi Tomb, many minarets, tombs and fortresses are a heart of Hyderabad’s beauty.
  2. Hyderabadi cuisine is absolutely a delight! It’s known for its food which is a mix of Mughal, Arabic, Turkish, Telugu, etc. be it street food in Old city or hotels – every meal is a special delicacy!
  3. Cost of living. The cost of living in Hyderabad is very low when compared to the other metropolitan cities. What is also admirable is the infrastructure, law and order. Buying a property/home here is quite affordable too.
  4. Real Estate. The continuous developing and growing healthcare sector, IT, ITeS sector and improved business opportunities across the city has helped real estate better in Hyderabad.3 best areas in the city that are currently witnessing a major real estate makeover are Kukatpally, Gachibowli and Hi-tech City. There are many reliable luxury apartments in Gachibowli.
  5. Each prime location is well connected here. Reaching various locations is not difficult, especially with the means of a well-planned metro, cabs, auto rikshaws, buses, etc.
  6. Hyderabad stands firm to be touted as one of the safest residential cities because of the relatively low crime rate.
  7. You will really like the weather here; it is quite pleasant all the time. Even summer nights tend to get really pleasant and not remain sultry hot.

If you are looking to settle in luxury apartments in Hyderabad, the beauty of this city, the warmth of the people and their friendly nature, the pleasant atmosphere will make you feel like home! Head straight to Ramky One Galaxia’s  – 3 BHK luxury apartments – a world full of convenience, build keeping your safety and comfort in mind.

Balancing the chaotic working city life with a peaceful pad is a dream for all of us. This dream could turn into a reality if you find the right destination!Grouped under the Tier-II list not too long ago, Hyderabad is rapidly transforming into an admirable city and is increasingly becoming among the most sought-after places to live in. A generously networked city with new transportation options, an organized retail sector, a corporate centre, a thriving F&B scene, advanced health care services, educational institutes of repute, a decently green landscape – the city has it all. The IT revolution hasinitiated acultural shift and tipped it over into the realm of innovation and diversity.It also ticks the right boxes in terms of an impressive infrastructure, a pleasant weather, economic vibrancy, a low crime rate, lower density and a better air quality compared to most other metro cities, along with a government that is geared at making Hyderabad amongst the most enviable. Global giants are inundating the marketplace. There is a grand plan in place to improve the civic amenities and fast track the development of the metro, flyovers, storm water drains, parks, streetlights, pavements, and underground cables. The Outer Ring Road Project (ORR) and proposed flyovers are expected to aid in easing out the traffic movement in the city. As a result, Hyderabad has precipitously climbed the ladder to become a premium real estate destination and it has ranked consistently among the best cities to live in India. It’s no wonder that this mega city is drawing attention from locals and foreigners alike.

The housing options have naturally caught up. A blend of community lifestyles and contemporary living is dotting the real estate landscape. From premium apartments in modern high-rise towers to luxurious villas in gated communities, there is no dearth of the accommodation options here.Several reputed developers have entered the residential and commercial real-estate space in Hyderabad. With city pockets such as Financial District, Madhapur, Hi Tech city, and Gachibowli getting saturated, other strategically located areas such as Nallagandla and Kukatpally which are well connected to major landmarks and have all the modern amenities, are emerging.Amenities have gone beyond the basics of swimming pools and club houses to include Futsal grounds. Recreational belts are big in these housing areas as health and wellness comes to the fore, offering something for all age groups. For those looking to lead a sustainable lifestyle, Hyderabad is also becoming an epitome for eco-living. Builders and developers are increasingly weaving nature into their properties.Over the last half of the decade, capital values of residential properties have gone up and unsold inventory is on the decline. The real estate hasgot good appreciation rates and high rental returns, making it ideal for investors too.

Hyderabad is one place you can truly feel at home with access to lavish comforts and urban conveniences.If you’re looking to book a home or make a smart investment in Hyderabad, check out a 2bhk or3 bhk apartment at Ramky One Marvel. Designed by Singapore-based architects, the project has everything from 24 hours security and CCTV surveillance of common areas to pedestrian-friendly podiums to tennis courts to a well-connected neighborhood (20 mins to hi-tech city) in a gated community.