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Vaastu Shastra is science, the wisdom of inter-relating the five primary forces of nature – earth, water, air, fire and wind. It helps to channelize positive energy and add value to the human life. There is a scientific reason behind arrangement and alignment of certain things and items at home, to bring       positivity and prosperity in your home.

If you have newly moved in your 2 BHK flat or are planning to re-do your 3 BHK apartment – like moving around the furniture, then these tips can help you make the most changes while also adding a lot of positivity, happiness and a breath of fresh air in your home.

Here are some of the Vaastu tips to consider for a positive environment at home
  • Keep the numbers of windows and doors in your 2&3 BHK apartment If you have recently moved in, check if you need to add an extra window or a door somewhere in your apartment to make that number even.
  • De-clutter all the waste out of your house which is hiding and accumulating under your beds, drawers, etc. this weighs you down.
  • Paint your walls in lighter brighter colours and avoid all dark colours.
  • Place plants or candles in your bathrooms, this helps to ward off any negative energy present there.
  • The northeast corner of your 2&3 BHK apartment is auspicious to make a prayer room.
  • In your kid’s bedroom, place their study table towards the east for better performance in academics.
  • Make sure there is some form of scenery in the northeast direction of your 2&3 BHK apartment as it helps in good vision and planning.
  • If the entrance of your wall is empty, place a picture of your deity or art as it helps to ward off loneliness in the house which is otherwise portrayed by the empty wall.
  • A bamboo tree or a money plant placed in the middle of the northeast direction will help you with financial growth and also build a positive aura at home.
  • A family picture in golden, yellow or wooden frame placed in the southwest direction will help keep the family bond strong.

If you found these tips helpful, it’s time for a change! Re-do and redecorate your apartment with the help of these tricks, or head to Ramky Discovery City, near Hyderabad International Airport, ORR Exit No:14, where your creativity awaits you at the exquisite and contemporary 2&3 BHK Greenview Apartments. To know more, visit:

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