About Us -CSR

About Us -CSR

Ramky Foundation (RF) is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Ramky Group of Companies, registered under ‘Indian Registration Act 1908’. It shares the Group’s motto – Towards Sustainable Growth – and has been striving to realize the dream of a green and clean earth since its inception in 2006. Our three thrust areas include- natural resource management, women empowerment, and education.

Ramky Foundation strongly believes that the fruits of development must reach every man and woman without any discrimination, for any nation to be called truly developed. Hence, our strategy is to build the capacities and capabilities of the deprived communities in order to make them self-reliant and to provide the valuable inputs they need in the beginning.

Our focus is especially on the marginalized groups like Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and other socio-economically Backward Classes. RF distributes scholarships worth more than Rs.20 lakhs, every year to support the education of poor and meritorious students and spends more or less the same amount on rural youth training programs in vocational trades. Thus, we aim to alleviate unemployment and poverty and ensure self-reliance especially among the marginalized community and encourage sustainable living.

Our Objectives
Objectives from the Employee’s Perspective
  • Creating safe and comfortable working environment
  • Supporting families of workers
  • Supporting social enterprises for benefiting the spouses of workers
Objectives from the Communitie’s Perspective
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Education
  • Supporting social enterprises in the communities near our worksites
  • Environmental promotional activities
  • Agricultural productivity enhancement

We aim to improve the living and working conditions of our employees and the communities nearby our worksites across India. We do this by providing necessary skills, technology, knowledge and other resources and creating safer working environment apart from taking up facilitation responsibilities by linking up with other development players to see the efforts successful.

We also work for the development of the society at large by focusing on conservation of natural resources, empowerment of women and supporting education.

Our Core Values
  • Absolute integrity and honesty
  • Continual quality improvement and learning
  • System adherence and accountability
  • Enthusiasm and commitment
  • Complete and open communication
  • Good relations and teamwork
  • Energy conservation and cost consciousness
  • Innovation
  • The Overall Goal of the Organization

Our goal is to see all the employees and the communities around the work site happy with enhanced economic, health and educational status in a relatively better working and living environment.

Ramky Projects

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