Whether you have been living in your plush 3 & 4 BHK villa for a while now, or have just moved in, you might want to change the look and feel of your interiors for a little pick-me-up or already had an idea about designing and decorating it all by yourself.

Your mind would think of a hundred things, first thing would be looking for a good interior designer,and then the next thing – ‘budget’ makes you hesitant!
Fret not; we got you covered with some clever interior designing tips and tricks to tastefully transform your premium villa!

1. A lighter, pastel colour on the walls makes the room look and feel bigger and larger in space!

One of the easiest ways to maximize a small room or space in the living area is to paint the walls in lighter shades. Conversely, any room or space looks smaller in darker shades. You can amplify the look and feel of a room by adding mirrors as they give an optical illusion of extra space.

2. Make use of decorative mirrors for an instant light and brighter effect!

Mirrors make smaller spaces look and feel bigger instantly when they are placed directly across the windows, as decorative mirrors add style, extra bright light and dimension to any room.

3. Be experimental and mix up everything!

Make use of old, new, least expensive, and expensive decorative pieces with textures, different colours and patterns to let your villa reflect your own touch of style and personality. Maybe mix up a few antiques with your modern furniture, next to your couch with pillows in different patterns. Don’t be afraid to be creative.

4. Decorate with what you already have!

To make your villa look stylish and classy at the same time, you do not have to splurge a huge amount for its décor. Instead, look what you already have inside the old boxes. Place metal or wooden trays on tables with a pot of flower, arrange candles beside your dinner table, keep a pile of magazines by your coffee table, hang some old plates that you don’t use anymore. Creativity has no limit.

5. Space constraints won’t stop you from making your kitchen look any less fancythan other rooms!

Kitchens are our favourite in any house; they are warm and inviting as we tend to spend most of our time in there. A hanging pots rack is one of the best options to decorate your kitchen with as it not only adds an elegant touch but also looks very organized at the same time.

6. Add beautiful green plants in your living rooms and bedrooms!

Add as many plants inside your villa, in every single room to accessorize if not anything else. Plants make the atmosphere pleasant and positive. Not only do plants add an instant colour and texture to your interiors but also absorb all the pollutants and harmful gases from the air inside your house.

If you have an urge to look for a villa to make it your own and decorate it with the help of these tricks, then head to Ramky Discovery City’s first cluster villa community, where your creativity awaits you at The Huddle – 3 & 4 BHK ready to move in villas. To know more, Visit: www.ramkydiscoverycity.com

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